Have your Juice & go AWOL....A Way Of Living

How Would You Answer These Questions??

“I would like more energy”

“I would like to loose some weight”

“I would like my body to heal itself”

“I would like to have a healthier approach to life”

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I am feeling less aches and pains just days after having two squirts of CBD per day.......wo hoo
Jules D
Love love the CBD, it is giving me more energy and I feel so much better about myself
John L
Juice week was a life saver....Colitis gone, stomach acid gone, more energy, lost weight. Where it all began x
Vicki FB
Hard work but its a game changer
Roger K
Increased energy and my psoriasis that I had had for 6 months cleared up after 9 days!
Will G
I lost four pounds over the 7 days!!!!! Wasn't even hungry. Will definitely do again.
Galli G
CBD has changed my life within 5 days, No lower back pain, no tense shoulders or stiff neck. Buzzing with energy and having the deepest night sleeps.
Victoria M


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The Ginger Juicer is a fully insured Natural Juice Therapist accredited by The Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)

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  • Discussion about ongoing & previous conditions

  • Whats foods may be aggravating your system

  • Guidance on relevant reading material

  • Introduction to the benefits of juicing & CBD

  • Advice on acidic forming foods and the benefits of maintaining an alkaline system

  • What is the difference between juicing and blending?

  • Why juicing gets some bad press


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