Have your Juice & go AWOL....A Way Of Living

Absolutely, we dont use any diary in our juices and are completly Vegan.

On your first cleanse you will no doubt be having a break from processed foods, refined sugars, refined fats, alcohol and caffeine. As you will be potentially be experiencing withdrawal symptons which can sometimes lead to symptons such as shivering, headaches, feeling tired we advise that it is best practice to try and reduce the above consumpton the week before and increae your water intake to make the transition easier.

No problem, please can you contact us and we will discuss your requirements. In our our current plans any allergens are highlighted in bold and a full list of ingredients is on the relevant page. We do also state that our juices are made in a factory where nuts are rpesent.

Our juices are hand made using a combination of juicers, they are completely raw with no additives added, they are then frozen. The reason why we freeze them is for¬†convenience at home as a fresh juice will have a shelf life of no more than 72 hours. Freezing will typically have a 5-10% depletion in the quality of the juice, however we feel this is a small price to pay for being totally convenient. We never use any form of pasterisation including High Pressure Pasterisation, which is used by a variety of companies, they say that this does not destroy any nutrients but I don’t believe this to be the case especially as you will typically increase the shelf life by upto a few months.

They will arrive via DPD delivery, you will be notified the day beforehand via text or email. However we will call you once your order has been placed to organise the most convient delivery date for you. As our juices are made to order by hand the typical lead time is about 5 working days.

No they shouldn’t as the juices are packed in special packaging to eliminate this, they are packed within polystyrene and have ice packs to keep them cold. If there is a slight thaw then that is not problem as this is just superficial and will not affect the quality of them. Once home please put in the freezer right away.

As described above you may well go through withdrawal symptons from refined sugars, refined fats, caffeine and this can be quite hard work. Withdrawal symptons such as headaches, tiredness, being irritable etc. Typically this will be for the first 2-4 days only and is TEMPORARY. Some people dont experience any issues whilst others do, you will hate me at first however as I said it is temporary, after this your body will have a shift and you will feel amazing, energy levels increasing, skin clearing up, potetinal aliements clearing up, thinknig clearer….the end goal is so worth it.

All of our juices and smoothies are 500ml.

The idea is not to eat any regular meals for 7 days. This plan has been put together specially by a qualfied natural juice therapist, so your body is going to be having a party with the amount of nutrients, minerals & enzymes that it is getting. Mentally you will be hungry for the first 2-3 days as you are depriving your body of something, this is how deprivation works. Have you ever walked into a supermarket thinking to yourself that you wont buy a chocolate bar, but bugger me that is all you can think about. Normally we are over feed and under nourished, for these 7 days we are going to be physically underfeed but over nourished. There is an raw snack supplied which you can eat should you wish, there are 7 in total so 1 a day if you want.

Sure ofcourse you can, you can do anthing you want however the idea is that you don’t as you don’t want to pollute the body in any way whilst doing this cleanse. Please bear in mind if you did the results of the cleanse although benefical will not be as impressive. Its only a week what have you got to loose?

Absolutely not, before stopping any medication please consult your doctor. You may however find that after carrying out one of our plans you start to see massive improvements in your health and also general well being, it may be advisable to then consult your doctor about your medication reducton.

No worries, you aren’t the first to think that 7 days on juice is too hardcore. That is why we have got two other plans available the 1 A Day Plan or our CBD Juice Programme. Please look at the website in the tab bar which will discuss these plans in greater detail.

Well the cells of the body need sugar to function, however it needs to be the right sugar. We are using only fresh products here which undergo no pasterisation so the sugar in the juices is in it full natural state. Also our juices typically have a higher percentage of vegtables to fruit. With regards to protein you can obtain protein from leafy green vegtables, however to boost this we also include a lot of spirulina in our cleanse, this is a 65% complete protein. Gorillas aren’t meet eaters and they are one of the strongest animals on earth.

Yes there has been a lot of press about juice cleanses being bad for you, from what I have read this is all about either people going totally extreme such as doing a 60 day juice cleanse or doing a cleanse on shop purchased juices. These juices have gone through pasteuriastion and hence have depleated nutrients, enzymes destroyed and have little nutritional content,whilst increasing the suger content. Even juices which are advertised as “Cold Press” have gone through pasteurisation and will have little nutritional content.

HPP is sometimes called High Pressure Processing or High Pressure Pasterisation, any juice that is being wholesaled in shops has gone through this process and can not be labelled as fresh hence the extneded shelf life. Companies say that there is limited nutrional depletion, however if the shelf of a product like fruit and veg has been extended by months….well what do you think?

They seperate sometimes and this is because there are no additives in it to stop this, it is perfectly normal so just give the juice a good shake and enjoy.

This is perfectly normal, make sure you take plenty of rest and sleep is important as it helps the body regenerate.

Personally I would not recommend this, when pregnant you do not want to change your lifestyle too much. Doing a 7 day juice cleanse would be too extreme and dangerous whilst pregnant. However incorporating juices into your lifestyle will have a positve benefit, for mother and child to be. For example beetroot juice & green juices will be incredibly beneficial so why not try our 1 A Day Plan.

Absolutely and personally I would recommend 1 0r 2 25 minutes sessions per day, such as HIIT, swimming, yoga, running, weights, walking, spinning or rebounding. It is important to get your heart rate up and some warmth into those cells, this will help speed the process up and ofcourse you benefit greatly from it. However CAUTION, please do whatever you feel comfortable with and dont over do it. Sometime I feel like doing nothing whilst on a cleanse however I have always done a juice cleanse just before either a marathon or half marathon as I like my body to be in peak performance.

If you place your order before Sunday it will turn up on either Thursday or Friday, we will however keep you posted about your delivery. Every parcel is tracked. Saturday delivery is available at an extra cost.

Definitely not, our CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the stuff that gets you high.

Known as Cannabidiol or CBD for short is found in all hemp plants and there are over a thousand cannabinoids within the hemp plant however CBD accounts for 40% off them. Our CBD contains other vital cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and essentail fatty acids.

You are not the only one and most would agree with you, that is why we have devised our CBD Juice. We have a water soluble CBD product that is instantly bio-available within the body due to the quick absorption. This will hit your cells within 10-15 minutes. Look up our page for more info.

Our CBD is sourced from a farm in Holland who produce the oil from organically grown industrial hemp plants, producing high quality plants which in turn give a high quality CBD we are all looking for.

There have currently been no cases of people overdoing it on CBD, there are no known adverse side effects.

True there are some amazing stories out there of recovery and reboot and I have heard many myself, witnessed many and are even testimant to my own recovery and my wives. However results are not typical and I can not promise that everyone will find the solution here that they want. I have known people to put the colitis into remission, stop getting acid reflux, control their anixety, improve their skin condition to reducing psoriasis, loosing weight, gaining more energy, thinking clearer, dyslexia improving, curbing cravings and the list goes on. But like I said results are not typical, however should you wish to speak to Vicki or myself to find out first hand our stories then please get in contact.

Postage is via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and is £3.99

Only the female flower tops are used not the whole plant, therefore retaining quality and purity.

Water, Curcumin, Vegetable Glycerin, Triglycerides, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Sodium Bicarbonate, CBD, CBC, CBG. All indregredients are natural and readily absorbably by the body.

I am a fully trained Natural Juice Therapist which is an accreditation recognized by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) I am also a member of CMA.